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Buildable Model Car (Digital Instructions Only)

Buildable Model Car (Digital Instructions Only)

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A model that can be displayed on your desktop, living room or office remarking your personality with a disruptive idealization; proving this we offer a personalized replica of any desired car or SUV exclusively designed for You

    PDF Construction Manuals
    Parts List
    Rendered Images


The model will be designed digitally (2-3 Weeks) and will send images to the buyer to make changes or modifications via Email providing a showcase album; once the model is approved the instructions & parts list will be delivered and the buyer can order the parts.

Full model uses 1000-1500 bricks to be completed and includes all the features of a real vehicle like interiors and opening hood, trunk, doors, sunroof, moving rear spoiler or functional drivetrains (not included on all models); convertible roof and modifications made on the real vehicle can be included too.

Warning! Buyer must read these terms before purchasing.

  • This service only provides digital creations designed to assemble with real lego bricks/pieces and none of these are included.
  • The model may not be totally similar to the real vehicle due parts shape and complexity.
  • The model may be not the same color as real vehicle due pieces availability if the vehicle has a rare to find color.
  • Time for digital model finishing may increase according to buyer response for required changes or orders in queue. 
  • Ordered models may be not totally similar to the real vehicle if buyer doesn´t provide photos or detailed description.


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